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Hall T. Martin’s Guest Appearances


The Mind of Business Success Podcast 

Connecting Investors with Startups

Hall T. Martin is the Host of Investor Connect and Founder and CEO of the TEN Capital Network. Hall launched TEN as the Texas Entrepreneur Networks in 2009. Today, the TEN Capital Network has over 17,000 investors in its network, has helped startups raise over $900M, and provides educational material including tools for VC funding, calculators, and eGuides. 

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10X for Gen XYZ Podcast

Angel Investing in Start-Ups with Hall Martin

Move over, baby boomers. It’s time for gen X, Y, and Z. It’s time to stop waiting on the world to change. It’s time to be the change. Hall talks with us about his experience as an angel investor and the differences he has seen in investing in start-ups versus growth companies.

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Absolute Business Mindset Podcast

Hall Martin, who helps connect startups and investors for funding

A feature-length episode with Hall Martin, who helps connect startups and investors for funding. Hall chose a computer science degree in the 1980s, which he thought was a major paradigm shift in the world. We talk about Hall being an innovator and after a long stint in corporate, he has been fascinated by entrepreneurship.

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Austin-based super angel Hall Martin has an intriguing approach to investing in technology startups that can benefit investors and founders. He’s also done quite a bit of equity crowdfunding. This interview was rich in lessons for me. I recommend you listen.
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Angel Invest Boston Podcast


Austin Spotlight‬ Podcast

Interview with Hall T. Martin of TEN Capital and the Texas Entrepreneur Network

Hall T. Martin is the Founder and CEO of the Texas Entrepreneur Network. Hall launched TEN Capital as the Texas Entrepreneur Networks in 2009. Today, the firm has over 14,000 investors in its network, and has helped startups raise over $900M and counting. We discuss the growth of the angel investor community in Austin and Texas.

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Austin Spotlight‬ Podcast


Between the Lines

How to Raise Funding for Your Startup With Hall Martin

Join me, Corine La Font, Host of Between The Lines with Hall Martin. Hall T. Martin is the Founder and CEO of TEN Capital Group. He serves as the Vice-Chair of the Baylor Angel Network and previously led the Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) as its first Executive Director. Hall is the Founder and Director of the Texas Open Angel Network, Founder and initial Managing Director of SKU (Incubation Station), and the former Managing Director of AccelerateNFC. Hall also serves as an adjunct professor for the University of Texas leading the Idea to IP program.

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Biz Help For You 

How to Raise Money for Startups

Join us as we discuss with Hall Martin how to raise funding for startups. In this segment he will answer important funding questions like: Why do most startups fail to raise funding? How do you find investors? and Who is successful in raising funding?

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Build a Business Success Secrets Podcast

How to Raise Money from Angel Investors with Hall Martin CEO of TEN Capital

At some point in building your business you’ll likely want and need to raise money to scale revenue. Hall Martin is CEO of TEN Capital that has a network of over 14,000 investors. We talk about how angel investor networks work, what they look for in a company to invest in and terms they generally expect.
Hall also drops one of the best formulas I’ve ever heard on how to figure out a valuation for an early-stage company. You’ll want to know this.

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Build a Business Success Secrets Podcast


Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast

Helping Startups & Investors connect for funding with Hall Martin

Hall Martin started out as an Angel Investor. He’s a host of an amazing Podcast called Investor Connect. He is the founder of the Ten Capital Network and he has helped over 14,000 investors and startups raised over $900 million. He focuses on venture funding, angel networks, crowdfunding, pitching, fundraising strategies, growth strategies, go-to-market strategies, and business model development.

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Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast


Coffee Break Podcast

How to Bring a Startup to Market

Chad Lingafelt chats with Hall T. Martin. In this episode, we talk about some of Hall’s strategies to bring your startup to the market. We talk about connecting startups and investors, knowing what your startup is about, and having a good pitch deck. We also learn about crafting a startup story and Hall shares a little about a startup that is extracting DNA from a wooly mammoth. Learn more about how you can position your startup to investors by having organized data!

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DealQuest Podcast

Raising Funds For Start-Ups with Hall T. Martin

Hall T. Martin is a man who lives in the startup world and has founded several angel groups.

After a career as the 93rd member of a company called National Instruments, supplying measurement and automation firms, he started making his way into the angel investment niche. Investment is a numbers game that is not so different from sales. Hall has experienced every side of the game – both good and bad! He’s a man who has mastered the market and grown from his mistakes. If you’re looking for a way to get your numbers up, a way to get the deal ready, a way to get the deal out there, Hall is YOUR MAN.

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Establishing Your Empire

Bring the Investor on the Journey With You

The startup sector is a key contributor to the growth of new innovations and progress in all sorts of industries. In today’s episode, we have a deep conversation with a leader in connecting startups and entrepreneurs with investors.

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Exit Rich Podcast

Pleasing Your Angel Investors: Why You Need To “Sell It First” When Building A Startup With Hall T. Martin

If you’re building a startup, one thing angel investors look at is your business plan. You can’t barge into a room of 10 investors and just talk about your idea. You need to know how you’re going to sell it. Join Michelle Seiler Tucker as she talks to Hall T. Martin about investing in startups and what investors look for.

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Fundraising Radio Podcast

Hiring Fundraising Advisors

Hall Martin, Founder and CEO at TEN Capital Network that raised over $900 million for its clients, in this episode talks about hiring fundraising advisors who can connect you to the right capital. We spoke about different regulations around fundraising and of course, about hiring experts for your fundraising round and whether it’s worth it or not.

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Get Down To Business

Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship with Hall T. Martin

Join Shalom Klein each week and get down to business! An avid networker and dedicated entrepreneur, Shalom will share the advice you need, the strategies that work, and the stories of success to help you with both business and jobs.

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Human Capital Innovations Podcast

How to Raise Funding for Startups, with Hall T. Martin

In the top 1% of all podcasts globally, and with over 450K+ listeners in 140+ countries around the world, the HCI Podcast is a great platform to share your expertise and thought leadership as it relates to people management and organizational leadership.

In this HCI Podcast episode, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Hall T. Martin about how to raise funding for new startups.

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Making Waves at C-Level

Finding Funding For Your Business with Hall Martin

Thom interviews business leaders, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and others who possess an extra dose of the entrepreneurial spirit. The information compiled from these compelling interviews is shared with his clients, as he challenges people to be more engaged and enthusiastic in all their actions.

In this episode, Thom Singer sits down with Hall Martin to discuss finding funding for your business, and how to be an angel investor.

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Mentors & Masters Podcast

Seven Keys to Raising Capital with Hall T Martin

Hall T Martin is the CEO of TEN Capital, which has over 14,000 investors and has helped startups raise more than $900M. He shares with us the seven keys to raising venture capital.

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Moontower Business Podcast

Interview with Hall Martin, Founder and CEO of TEN Capital Network

We feature conversations with entrepreneurs, executives, investors, business leaders, politicians, musicians, artists, professors, authors, and many more in the business community in Austin, Texas and around the world. We cover many different topics and industries.

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Interview with Hall Martin, Founder and CEO of TEN Capital Network

Hall Martin became an angel investor after a company he was with went public. He turned his interest in angel investing into regional networks of angel investors and later a national network of angel and venture investors that he helps entrepreneurs gain access to.

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rainmakers with carl grant


Startup Hustle 

How to Invest in Startups

In this episode of Startup Hustle, Matt DeCoursey and Hall Martin, Founder and CEO of TEN Capital Network talk about how to invest in startups.

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Startup Junkie’s Podcast

Tapping into Venture Capital with Hall T. Martin of TEN Capital Network

For this episode, Caleb Talley and Jeff Amerine sit down with Hall T. Martin of TEN Capital Network. Whether it’s discovering helpful tips on improving your pitches to VC funds or how to get the most out of raising capital for your startup, you will NOT want to miss this one!

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Startup Mindsets

Creating TEN Capital Network with Hall T. Martin

Hall Martin a long-time angel investor and creator of Texas Entrepreneurial Network aka Ten Capital joins Startup Mindsets to tell us about his experiences being alongside new ideas and startups for decades. Today TEN Capital helps startups and growth companies everywhere raise venture funding. To date, TEN Capital has helped entrepreneurs who have raised over $900M.

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The Biz of Wealth

Talk to your customer before having a product

Hall Martin is an angel investor and has launched a platform to connect startups with investors around the county. In this conversation, we go over the key factors that startups should have in mind before looking for funding, as well as the key KPIs investors should look at when investing in startups.

From evaluating teams all the way to not investing in companies with less than a duplicating rate of revenue, we discuss and challenge all common assumptions.

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The Boss Podcast

What do investors and entrepreneurs really say when no one is around?

So you’ve got a startup, what do you do next? You’ll probably need capital to scale up. This week, Greg is joined by Hall T. Martin, the Founder of TEN Capital Group. His team helps companies raise funding from angels, venture capital, and high net worth individuals. In part one, Hall shares the benefits of angel investor networks, the major differences between incubators and accelerators, and which cities have become the next great tech hubs.

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The Business of Business Podcast

Funding 101: Actionable Advice For Astute Investors and Ambitious Early Stage Startups

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a novice. An early-stage startup or mature business needing a capital infusion, Hall T. Martin provides a wealth of information in the latest episode of The Business of Business Podcast.

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The Deal Scout Podcast

Funding as a Service

On this episode of The Deal Scout, Hall T. Martin, founder of the TEN Capital Network shares his story and how he helps connect investors with startups.

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The Domain Magnate Show

In this episode, Michael speaks with Hall Martin, the Founder of TEN Capital. Hall specializes in Angel Investing, and helping early-stage startups raise Seed and Series A funding. Throughout the conversation, Michael and Hall discuss why you should seek funding, how to do it, and the ins-and-outs of startup investing.

Getting the money to fund our small business start-up is often where we hit a wall. We may not qualify for traditional lending, and we may not have the cash to fund the business ourselves. We hear of tech companies and other entrepreneurs who use Angel Investing or Venture Funding, but that is often not accessible for the typical small business owner outside of the tech world. Hall Martin shares his insights and experiences with Angel Investing. How might we leverage Angel Investors to help us fund our start-up?

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The How of Business Podcast


The Inventive Journey Podcast

How To Fundraise And Invest

Starting and growing a business is a journey. On The Inventive Journey, the host, Devin Miller walks with startups along the different journeys startups take to success (or failure). You also get to hear from featured guests, such as venture firms and angel investors, that provide insight on the paths to a successful inventive journey.

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The Silicon Alley Podcast

Angel Investing in Startups for Dummies

Hall joins host William Glass to discuss how to get started investing in startups. Hall covers a wide range of basics from what size checks to write, what types of companies to focus on, and how to do proper due diligence. You’ll come away with a solid foundation to start your angel investing journey and source potential investments.

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The Successful Pitch Podcast

Connecting Investors With Startups With Hall T. Martin

The Successful Pitch interviews successful thought leaders and entrepreneurs who share their stories so you can have a road map to success. Join your host John Livesay, sales keynote speaker, sales expert, and author as he provides insights on how to make your pitch compelling, clear, and concise.

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Uncorrelated Minds Podcast

Angel Networks and Seed Stage Funding With Hall Martin

As a startup business, finding investors can be a difficult process. It’s always nice to have help guide you through the process and connect you with the right people.

In this episode, Kevin Kaylakie speaks with Hall Martin, Founder & CEO of TEN Capital Network. Hall shares how his firm helps connect startup companies with investors, the background of his work and the evolution of TEN Capital Network. Plus, details about their program and who it works best for.

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Winning on Main Street

Risks & Rewards of Startup Investing

Thryv’s Chief Strategy Officer Gordon Henry hosts the Winning on Main Street small business podcast. Gordon is passionate about helping small businesses grow, modernize, and thrive in today’s evolving environment.

In this episode, Hall gives us the insights he’s learned along his angel investing journey and the common pitfalls to avoid.

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Investor Connect Testimonials

“Really enjoyed my time with Hall – he is a great connector of investors and entrepreneurs and it was an honor to be a guest of Investor Connect!”

~ Matt Brugner, Founder of Stewardship Partners, LLC


“I always enjoy engaging with Hall and his team and appreciate the invitation to contribute to the vast and important knowledge base that he consistently serves out to the entrepreneurial community.”

~ Yaniv Sneor, Founder of Mid Atlantic Bio Angels



“Hall made it really easy to discuss a complicated subjects with. His podcast is one every entrepreneur should listen to regularly to understand the idiosyncrasies of the venture business.”

~ Salvatore Buscemi of Harlem River Navy


“Hall is definitely engaged in the interview and has a genuine ability to ask the questions his audience would also ask.  Really great interview.”

~ James Frinzi of Multiband Global


“I had a wonderful time discussing all things early-stage venture with Hall. He asked some insightful questions about what it is like to partner with inevitable founders, which is the bedrock of our ethos at Atman”

~ Pedro Sorrentino, Founder & Managing Partner of Atman Capital


“Martin is an exceptional host. He has a great ability to engage with guests and ask insightful questions. Martin’s passion for the topics he covers is contagious, and his friendly demeanor makes every guest feel comfortable sharing their experiences and insights. I highly recommend his podcast!” 

 ~Archil Cheishvili, President & Director of


“I had a great time being interviewed by Hall. His questions were direct and insightful, would come back anytime.” 

~ Rob Matzkin, President and CEO of Rob Matzkin Entrepreneurship Group

“It was an enjoyable and engaging experience as a guest on the show. Hall leads a great discussion about innovation and investing. I would highly recommend the Investor Connect Podcast program for anyone who wants to learn from an investor’s perspective.”

~Jason Jacobsohn, Managing Partner at Propellant Ventures


Investor Connect Testimonials

“Startup Funding Espresso provides daily bite-sized content that keeps me up on relevant topics that benefit me as a founder, mentor, and angel investor.”

~ Ray Antonino, Co-founder and CEO,


“Investor Connect with Hall caught me off guard in the best kind of way. We had a refreshingly practical conversation about evaluating opportunities in the radically shifting data market.”

~ Mike Audi, Founder and CEO, TIKI Inc.


“I enjoyed my experience being a guest with Hall Martin. He asks great questions and at the same time shares insights that helped me.”

~ Avetis Antaplyan, Founder and CEO, HIRECLOUT


“Connections between and among investors and entrepreneurs are best developed over time – Hall provides a necessary space to learn more and engage with this community. Join in the conversation!”

~ Eric Thome, Director, VentureSouth


“Had a great time with Hall on his podcast. His startup acumen is excellent, and he really engages his guests in a way that provides great insights to listeners.”

~ Darren King, General Partner, Unbridled Ventures


“Hall Martin is a tireless advocate for the budding entrepreneur. If you are a startup business or thinking about starting a business, it’s worth your time to listen to his podcasts.”

~ Adam Haber, Angel Investor, CEO and Co-Founder, Trellus Same Day Delivery and Marketplace


“I greatly enjoyed doing the interview with Hall Martin for the Investor Connect show. He asked highly relevant questions, added his own perspectives and the team did a superb job of editing the session. The experience was a pleasure from beginning to end.”

~ Dr. Raymond Levitt, Operating Partner, Blackhorn Ventures LP 


“I was honored to be a guest on the Investor Connect podcast. Hall Martin is an insightful and engaging host and I was excited to have the opportunity to discuss the future of gender and diversity lens investing with him.”

~Elisa Miller-Out, Managing Partner, Chloe Capital


“Was a pleasure chatting with Hall on the Investor Connect Podcast. He’s professional and efficient, and knows this world well, leading to great questions and a compelling conversation.”

~ David Goldberg, General Partner, Alpaca VC


“Hall is a great person to talk, he has a lot of insight’s that makes the conversation fluent and entertainment”.

~ Carlos Felipe Gutiérrez, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Simma Capital


“It was a pleasure chatting with Hall. It’s always interesting to exchange ideas and thinking about the latest thinking on impact investing. Hall has a great platform reaching out to an informed audience.”

~ Fred H. Walti II, President and CEO, NGIN


“I was recently interviewed on the Investor Connect podcast, and really enjoy talking with Hall. Great questions spanning the lifecycle of a fund, how we invest and how we’re different, and more importantly how we see the world – he really got to the point of the matter and brought out the all-important “Why?””

~ Matt McGraw, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Anthropocene Ventures


“Hall Martin definitely knows how to throw the right questions! There’s tons of knowledge you can get from this podcast, not only for beginners but also for experienced investors as well. Highly recommended!”

~ AJ Shepard, Co-owner, Uptown Properties


“Hall. Great working with you on this podcast. You bring an amazing array of perspectives for business owners, founders in the startup through largest company space. Thank you.”

~ David A. Rosen, President and CEO, Acrelic Group


“I thought that Hall Martin did an excellent job and I appreciate being invited.”

~ Richard Samuelson, Chief Investment Officer, SWAN Venture Group


“A very candid experience with Hall, who is helping support the venture and startup ecosystem.”

~ Shahab Samimi, Senior Associate, 7 Gate Ventures


“Being a guest on Investor Connect podcast was a smooth sailing with lots of support from the podcast team. We were impressed with the amount of thought Hall put into choosing the relevant questions to make sure the episode covers a topic that is interesting to the audience. From both the guest as well as listeners’ perspective, we highly recommend Investor Connect to anyone active on the investment scene.”

~ Seren Rumjancevs, CEO, and Rain Kivisik, Founder, Dealum


“The discussion with Hall about innovation and entrepreneurship was very enjoyable on many levels. Hall is a great listener, asking very insightful questions and he obviously has a very deep fund of knowledge and experience.”

~ Robert Toker, Chairman and CEO, Lantha Sensors


“Hall Martin and Samantha have an impressive structure to how this podcast was set up, the interview process, and the follow-up post connecting to my podcast. I congratulate you on that achievement.”

~ Craig Martin, Founder and President, The Family Wealth Consulting Group


“Had a great time speaking with Hall and spreading the word about the psychedelic investing revolution!”

~ Brom Rector, Founder, Empath Ventures


“Hall is willing to tackle unique and exciting topics for prospective investors on Investor Connect. Looking at alternative investments in scaling mid-sized businesses in Africa for faith-driven investors brings light to a topic rarely tackled in the mainstream press.”

~ David Simms, Founder and Managing Partner, Talanton LLC


“Really enjoyed my session with Hall; he’s such a great host and has created a great community of like-minded investors. I look forward to doing it again sometime! ”

~ Gurdeep Prewal, Co-founder, Rocana Venture Partners


“Interested in VC? What better way to learn more than hearing directly from the horse’s mouth? Investor connect gives a platform for investors in the VC industry to very candidly introduce themselves, their backgrounds, the investment strategy of the firms they work in, and their take on current events. Hall is a great moderator and listener with an excellent voice!”

~ Ander Iruretagoyena, Senior Associate, Funds & Co-Investments, Impact Engine


“I recently had the opportunity to join Hall Martin on his Investor Connect podcast. Overall, I found the experience to be very pleasant, and he has very engaging interviewing style which gave me a great opportunity to discuss various subjects dear to my heart (and wallet), namely the emergence of a new area of crypto/defi that has me very interested, namely CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), as well as the opportunity to discuss the rise of a new venture scene in markets Americans usually overlook, namely Africa. He asked excellent questions and is a great host. Hope you get a chance to listen.”

~ Peter Storment, Co-CEO, Cedar Street Capital


“Hall Martin and the team of Investors Connect podcast reached our venture studio from Ukraine asking to share our experience and insights for investing in our environment. The talk was 100% professional and outlined as an introduction to startup community in Ukraine with all the challenges and possibilities.
Hall Martin is very up to date and to the point interviewer with vast experience and deep understanding of the industry, the talk was very productive and I suggest people interested in venture should spend time to listen to it. ”

~ Glib Buriak, Managing Partner, HIFE VC


“I greatly appreciate the work Hall has done to create a network of investors and investment professionals for the purpose of sharing investment practices. It was an honor to be featured on this podcast!”

~ W. Andrew Stoner, Chief Investment Officer, Paradiem


“I had fun discussing the state of the early-stage VC industry in Europe with Hall Martin. Such a knowledgeable and experienced guy.”

~ Patrick Polak, Managing Partner, Newion Partners B.V


“I had a great experience on the podcast, we covered a wide range of important topics in a short time, so I think some listeners may find it pretty insightful!”

~ Jessica Karr, Founding General Partner, Coyote Ventures


“I believe that we need to invest according to our beliefs. Hall is asking some great questions about faith and investing that you may want to chime in on. Have a listen to learn and be challenged.”

~ Josh Wilson, Principal Broker and Owner, Kingdom Syndicate


“I appreciate Hall’s interest in the creator economy, and welcoming me to his podcast to discuss this burgeoning sector of the broader Internet economy.”

~ Benjamin Grubbs, Founder, Next 10 Ventures


“Hall is such a great host- warm, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. He gets straight to the heart of things with concise commentary and questions. A pleasure.”

~ Jeremy Miller, Chairman and Founder, Health-E Commerce


“There are few people who get to the core of VC investing as rapidly as Hall. He covers key ideas quickly and the time flies by.”

~ Nasir Ali, Managing Partner, StartFast Ventures


“It was a real pleasure speaking with Hall and discussing the changing way investors are looking at deploying capital for climate and social impact while generating long-term exceptional financial returns. Really enjoyed his curiosity and interest in learning about the opportunities in sustainable food and food tech.”

~ Alex Borschow, Managing Partner, Semillero Partners LLC


“Hall asks the right questions to provide the most helpful insight for angel investors and founders looking to raise VC capital. It was great to be able to talk through some of my experiences and learnings with him and would recommend listening to the show to get the perspectives of a wide range of investors with diverse theses and strategies.”

~ Olivia Kim, Principal, GingerBread Capital


“Thank you for having me as a guest on the Investor Connect podcast! Hall was extremely up to speed on blockchain technology as applied to capital and fundraising. That is always refreshing and makes for a more engaging discussion. Great folks, great show!”

~ Michael Hiles, Founder/CEO, 10XTS


“It was a pleasure speaking with Hall. I find his podcast to always be timely, relevant and never dull. It is great to be able to get the perspective of lots of different players in such a concise way. Thanks for having me!”

~ Luis Rivera, Managing Director, HEXA Global Ventures


“I was honored to be on the Investor Connect podcast with Hall Martin. Hall is so easy to talk to and I really enjoyed our conversation regarding angel investing and all things startups. It is energizing to talk to someone like Hall who has devoted so much to helping educate and support startup founders and investors.”

~ Jeff Erickson, Angel Investor and Founder of The Startup Stack


“Hall does an excellent job bringing investors with diverse backgrounds and perspectives on the podcast. As a guest, I appreciated the opportunity to elaborate on my philosophy and reasoning without interruption.”

~ Gustaf Brandberg, General Partner, Gullspång Re:food


“Really enjoyed my time speaking with Hall about the intricacies of stock options and what companies should and should not do to help their employees in this complex topic. Hall was a fantastic host, and I look forward to further interacting with him and the Investor Connect community.”

~ Jaime Moreno de Los Rios, Chief Operating Officer, Secfi


“Hall’s preparation for each guest makes each episode special. Highly recommend being a guest!”

~ John Livesay, Author and Host of The Successful Pitch Podcast


“Hall is a great interviewer who does a deep dive, listens and then simplifies with great follow-up questions. I enjoyed my time immensely on the show and look forward to future collaborations and conversations.”

~ Justin Breen, Author, and Founder/CEO of BrEpic and BrEpic Network



“I had a lot of fun talking with Hall about how startups should be scaling. Our back and forward I really believe will inspire anyone listening to establish scalable processes. ”

~ Alejandra Slatapolsky, Co-founder at Scalto, and Host of The Biz of Wealth Podcast


“I enjoyed being a guest on Hall Martin’s podcast Investor Connect. We had a great conversation about issues that face many small business owners who don’t realize some of the things they need to know. He is easy to talk to and wants to help startups succeed as well as match them with those wanting to invest. Be sure to tune in to learn more!”

~ Candy Messer, President at Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll Services, and Host of the Biz Help For You Radio Show


“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Investor Connect Podcast with Hall, and getting the opportunity to talk about the unique work we are doing with LAT VC. It’s a great platform for investors and founders to connect and stay informed.”

~ Gary Acosta, Managing Partner and President, L’ATTITUDE Ventures, and Co-founder and CEO at NAHREP


“Working with Hall was a great experience, not only is he a great host, but extremely knowledgeable. I’m not only a guest but a listener as well.”

~ Jeffrey Kamys, Chief Investment Strategist and Portfolio Manager, Inherent Wealth Fund


“Hall is an extremely knowledgeable investor and supporter of the startup community. He gave a fantastic synopsis of how to become an angel investor, the mistakes to avoid, and a playbook to follow. Additionally, his show Investor Connect is a fun one and he does a great job making the conversation fun and impactful. ”

~ William Glass, CEO, and Co-founder at Ostrich, Host of The Silicon Alley Podcast


“Hall is a highly knowledgeable guy who continually provides value to his clients & community! I read his newsletter and emails and it was such fun to sit with him and talk about how LinkedIn can benefit startups. He’s passionate about being of service!”

~ Debbie Saviano, Founder, Debbie Saviano LLC 


“Really enjoyed my conversation with Hall. He has a great knack of teasing out insights and asking probing questions that got me thinking throughout the podcast. Thanks for inviting me on the show!”

~ Phil Blows, Founder and CEO at AQRU, Author of The Money Triangle


“Loved talking to Hall and looking forward to getting more involved with the group. Really cool what he has built up and it was an honor to sit and chat with him. ”

~ Mike Jarmuz, General Partner, Lightning Ventures


“I really enjoyed the opportunity to speak with Hall T. Martin on the Investor Connect podcast. I listen to the Investor Connect podcast regularly. Hall T. Martin produces great content and he is an excellent interviewer. I highly recommend his podcast.”

~ Joseph O’Bell, Host, Moontower Business Podcast


“Hall and I had a great in-depth discussion about the launch of Wyth’s rideshare and carpool services which are exclusive for university students.”

~ Khalil Shalabi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Wyth


“It was our pleasure joining Hall on his podcast. His questions on the business fundamentals and value proposition were insightful and valuable to all. Both as a guest and an early-stage investor I recommend his show.”

~ Jay Cormier, Founder and CEO, Eyedaptic


“We enjoyed our interview with Hall, who asked insightful and thoughtful questions and helped us to get the word out about the benefits of investing in women entrepreneurs. The whole process was very efficient and smooth so we’d recommend it to everyone.”

~ Ipshita Mandal Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO, and Giorgio Reggiani, Co-founder and CFO at Global Bio Fund


“I really enjoyed being a guest on Investor Connect. Hall’s interview style is fast-paced and insightful, designed to get the most out of a guest’s expertise. I’d strongly encourage investors and founders to tune in.”

~ Justin Izzo, Lead Data and Trends Analyst of DocSend at Dropbox