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Austin Spotlight‬ Podcast

Interview with Hall T. Martin of TEN Capital and the Texas Entrepreneur Network

Hall T. Martin is the Founder and CEO of the Texas Entrepreneur Network. Hall launched TEN Capital as the Texas Entrepreneur Networks in 2009. Today, the firm has over 12,000 investors in its network, and has helped startups raise over $900M and counting. We discuss the growth of the angel investor community in Austin and Texas.

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Austin Spotlight‬ Podcast


Angel Invest Boston Podcast

Austin-based super angel Hall Martin has an intriguing approach to investing in technology startups that can benefit investors and founders. He’s also done quite a bit of equity crowdfunding. This interview was rich in lessons for me. I recommend you listen.
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Angel Invest Boston Podcast


Build a Business Success Secrets Podcast

How to Raise Money from Angel Investors with Hall Martin CEO of TEN Capital

At some point in building your business you’ll likely want and need to raise money to scale revenue. Hall Martin is CEO of TEN Capital that has a network of over 12,000 investors. We talk about how angel investor networks work, what they look for in a company to invest in and terms they generally expect.
Hall also drops one of the best formulas I’ve ever heard on how to figure out a valuation for an early-stage company. You’ll want to know this.

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Build a Business Success Secrets Podcast


Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast

Helping Startups & Investors connect for funding with Hall Martin

Hall Martin started out as an Angel Investor. He’s a host of an amazing Podcast called Investor Connect. He is the founder of the Ten Capital Network and he has helped over 12,000 investors and startups raised over $740 million. He focuses on venture funding, angel networks, crowdfunding, pitching, fundraising strategies, growth strategies, go-to-market strategies, and business model development.

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Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast


Mentors & Masters Podcast

Seven Keys to Raising Capital with Hall T Martin

Hall T Martin is the CEO of TEN Capital, which has over 12,000 investors and has helped startups raise more than $900M. He shares with us the seven keys to raising venture capital.

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Interview with Hall Martin, Founder and CEO of TEN Capital Network

Hall Martin became an angel investor after a company he was with went public. He turned his interest in angel investing into regional networks of angel investors and later a national network of angel and venture investors that he helps entrepreneurs gain access to.

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rainmakers with carl grant


The Domain Magnate Show

Startup Fundraising & Angel Investing

In this episode, Michael speaks with Hall Martin, the Founder of TEN Capital. Hall specializes in Angel Investing, and helping early-stage startups raise Seed and Series A funding. Throughout the conversation, Michael and Hall discuss why you should seek funding, how to do it, and the ins-and-outs of startup investing.

Getting the money to fund our small business start-up is often where we hit a wall. We may not qualify for traditional lending, and we may not have the cash to fund the business ourselves. We hear of tech companies and other entrepreneurs who use Angel Investing or Venture Funding, but that is often not accessible for the typical small business owner outside of the tech world. Hall Martin shares his insights and experiences with Angel Investing. How might we leverage Angel Investors to help us fund our start-up?

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The How of Business Podcast


The Successful Pitch Podcast

Connecting Investors With Startups With Hall T. Martin

The Successful Pitch interviews successful thought leaders and entrepreneurs who share their stories so you can have a road map to success. Join your host John Livesay, sales keynote speaker, sales expert, and author as he provides insights on how to make your pitch compelling, clear, and concise.

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Uncorrelated Minds Podcast

Angel Networks and Seed Stage Funding With Hall Martin

As a startup business, finding investors can be a difficult process. It’s always nice to have help guide you through the process and connect you with the right people.

In this episode, Kevin Kaylakie speaks with Hall Martin, Founder & CEO of TEN Capital Network. Hall shares how his firm helps connect startup companies with investors, the background of his work and the evolution of TEN Capital Network. Plus, details about their program and who it works best for.

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Investor Connect Testimonials

Investor Connect Testimonials

“Startup Funding Espresso provides daily bite-sized content that keeps me up on relevant topics that benefit me as a founder, mentor and angel investor.”

~ Ray Antonino, Co-founder, CEO,


“Investor Connect with Hall caught me off guard in the best kind of way. We had a refreshingly practical conversation about evaluating opportunities in the radically shifting data market.”

~ Mike Audi, Founder & CEO, TIKI Inc.


” I enjoyed my experience being a guest with Hall Martin. He asks great questions and at the same time shares insights that helped me.”

~ Avetis Antaplyan, Founder & CEO, HIRECLOUT


“Connections between and among investors and entrepreneurs are best developed over time – Hall provides a necessary space to learn more and engage with this community. Join in the conversation!”

~ Eric Thome, Director, VentureSouth


“Had a great time with Hall on his podcast. His startup acumen is excellent, and he really engages his guests in a way that provides great insights to listeners .”

~ Darren King, General Partner, Unbridled Ventures


“Hall Martin is a tireless advocate for the budding entrepreneur. If you are a startup business or thinking about starting a business, it’s worth your time to listen to his podcasts.”

~ Adam Haber, Angel Investor and CEO & Co-Founder of Trellus Same Day Delivery and Marketplace


“I greatly enjoyed doing the interview with Hall Martin for the Investor Connect show. He asked highly relevant questions, added his own perspectives and the team did a superb job of editing the session. The experience was a pleasure from beginning to end.”

~ Dr. Raymond Levitt, Operating Partner, Blackhorn Ventures LP 


“I was honored to be a guest on the Investor Connect podcast. Hall Martin is an insightful and engaging host and I was excited to have the opportunity to discuss the future of gender and diversity lens investing with him.”

~Elisa Miller-Out, Managing Partner, Chloe Capital