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Investor Connect

Investor Connect is a podcast program for investors and startups who want to learn more about early-stage funding. In each episode, we ask seasoned investors and entrepreneurs to share their experiences with the startup funding community.

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Each episode fosters the entrepreneur ecosystem by sharing best practices and thought leadership around funding and fundraising.

The Investor Connect podcast encompasses four series:

Investor Connect is a community program. We welcome your suggestions for speakers and topics – feel free to visit our Contacts page. Head to our Resources page for more helpful information, including top blogs to follow, calculators and online tools, and useful templates and guides. No registration is required to use the Investor Connect resources.

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Why I started Investor Connect

When I started as an angel investor, I found it difficult to “learn by doing,” as the lessons can be hard and expensive.  I found a podcast show called “The Frank Peters Show” led by a Tech coast angel of the same name. Frank recorded over 400 episodes of interviews with angels, venture capitalists, CEOs, and others in the startup community. I learned more from those shows than from any other source.

In 2013, I started the Texas Open Angel Network to help investors learn how to invest in startups. Many investors were more interested in the startup world but found it confusing. I began a monthly luncheon series welcoming experienced investors to talk about the lessons they’d learned. While it was quite popular, the format was difficult to scale – so I launched Investor Connect to host their stories. Today the show reaches tens of thousands of listeners.

I hope Investor Connect helps you with your startup investing and fundraising efforts.


About your host, Hall T. Martin:

Investor Connect Host Hall Martin

Hall T. Martin is the Host of Investor Connect and Founder and CEO of the TEN Capital Network. Hall launched TEN as the Texas Entrepreneur Networks in 2009. Today, the TEN Capital Network has over 17,000 investors in its network, and has helped startups raise over $900M.

Hall serves as the Vice-Chair of the Baylor Angel Network, and previously led the Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) as its first Executive Director, achieving an over 40X return for the investors. He is the founder and director of the Texas Open Angel Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the education of angel investors. As a part of that program, he hosts the Investor Connect podcast series.

Hall is also a Founder and initial Managing Director of SKU (Incubation Station), a consumer product goods accelerator based in Austin, Texas, and the former Managing Director of AccelerateNFC, an accelerator based in Dallas, Texas, focusing on Near Field Communication.

Hall serves as an adjunct professor for the University of Texas, leading the Idea to IP program, which fosters startups from the engineering program.

For more on Hall, visit here.


Investor Connect Manifesto

There are those who drift through life, and then there are those who live life on purpose.

Those are the entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference and seek to change the world for the better.

We share their inspiration and help them fulfill their passion.

We celebrate their journey because they care enough to make a difference.

Never stop achieving.