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Industry: Climate Tech

How to Invest in Alternative Energy/ClimateTech
This is the Investor Connect KiwiTech 2022 podcast series. In this series, we discuss trends and topics in the startup world. I hope you enjoy this episode. For a full transcript, click here. Thank you for joining us for the Investor Connect KiwiTech 2022 podcast series.  For more episodes, please…
Investor Connect: Regula Schegg of Circulate Capital
On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Regula Schegg, Managing Director, Asia, at Circulate Capital. Headquartered in Singapore and founded in 2018, Circulate Capital is an investment management firm dedicated to the development of a circular economy to combat plastic pollution through investments in high-growth opportunities at the nexus…
Investor Connect – Amrit Robbins of Axiom Exergy
In this episode, Hall welcomes Amrit Robbins of Axiom Exergy. Axiom Exergy's cloud-based platform provides active power management services for buildings with large thermal loads. Today, 60-70% of a typical building's electricity bill is driven by w it consumes power, and 28% of all electricity consumed by US commercial and…