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Industry: Space

Everything You Need to Know About Aerospace Investing
This is the Investor Connect KiwiTech 2022 podcast series. In this series, we discuss trends and topics in the startup world. I hope you enjoy this episode. For a full transcript, click here. Thank you for joining us for the Investor Connect KiwiTech 2022 podcast series. For more episodes, please…
Investor Connect: John Quinn of EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies
In this episode, Hall welcomes John Quinn, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies. Located in Greenville, Texas, EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies is a small Defense Department Trade Commission (DDTC) registered privately-owned space hardware and operations company. The EXOS team has developed hundreds of rocket…
Investor Perspectives: Why I Invested in EXOS
In today's show, you'll hear why EXOS lead investors Scott and Paula Robinson invested in the growing space sector and, specifically, the commercial exploration of space. Commercial exploration of space continues to advance in technology by SpaceX and other companies.┬áIn today's show, you'll hear about a new company in the…