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Industry: AI/Machine Learning

Investor Connect: Zacary Sherman of cielo24 inc.
On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Zacary Sherman, Director of Strategy and Business Development at cielo24. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, cielo24 has blended the best of human intelligence with AI technology to create caption, transcription, and intelligence data at scale to make video and audio accessible, searchable,…
Investor Connect: Kim Banham of Connetic Ventures
In this episode, Hall welcomes Kim Banham, Principal at Connetic Ventures. Connetic Ventures is an early-stage VC that uses proprietary data and machine learning to remove bias, increase efficiency, and create transparency. They view themselves as a data company that happens to invest in startups. Venture capital is inefficient, biased,…
Investor Connect: Archie Cheishvili of GenesisAI
In this episode, Hall welcomes Archie Cheishvili, CEO of GenesisAI. With its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, GenesisAI is a Machine Learning protocol. On top of this protocol, they are building a marketplace for AI products and services - Amazon for AI. The marketplace connects companies in need of AI services,…