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Industry: Agtech

Investor Connect: Francisco Jardim of SP Ventures
In this episode, Hall welcomes Francisco Jardim, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at SP Ventures.  Founded in 2007, SP Ventures is one of the most traditional Venture Capital managers in Brazil. They temporarily acquire equity interests in small or medium-sized companies with innovative technologies and a high potential for non-mid-term growth.…
Investor Connect – Djalil Reghis of Agroecology Capital
In this episode, Hall welcomes Djalil Reghis of Agroecology Capital. Agroecology Capital is a mission-driven early-stage venture fund that invests in technologies that help agriculture transition toward practices focused on safety, sustainability, productivity, and equitability. Djalil is an AgTech early-stage investor with an experience that spans roles in investment, M&A,…