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About Startup Funding Espresso

Early-stage funding and investing can be challenging to understand.  

Most first-time startups and investors have mixed expectations about it.

For investors and startup founders who want to learn more about the fundraising process, you can sign up to receive the Startup Funding Espresso at no cost.

Investor Connect launched the Startup Funding Espresso in 2019 to provide education to startups and their investors.  

It’s a daily lesson in a short, concise format delivered to your inbox every day, Monday through Friday. Each posting takes only a minute or two to read.

You can see an example below:

The Startup Funding Espresso covers startup funding and investing topics such as where to find deal flow, how to negotiate valuations, how to read cap tables, how to find investors, how to prepare a pitch deck, and more.  

For anyone who wants to learn more about startup fundraising or startup investing, this is a great way to learn the concepts, terms, and best practices.

In the time it takes to drink an espresso, you can learn about startup funding.

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