Investor Connect: Candy Messer of Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll and Biz Help For You Radio Show

Investor Connect: Candy Messer of Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll and Biz Help For You Radio Show

June 17, 2022 by investor

On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Candy Messer, President at Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll, and Host of the Biz Help For You radio show.

Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll is different than other payroll services. They offer options to best suit the client’s needs as well as schedule tax payments based on the tax filing schedule – according to the IRS’ requirements – rather than debiting taxes when payroll is processed, giving clients access to their cash for longer. Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll also bundles all typical tasks in the monthly fee, so clients always know what they will pay without any nickel and dime charges added in. And with bookkeeping and payroll services handled in one place, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to have everything managed by one company, and all financial information can be provided to the business tax preparers each year.

Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll Services has built a strong reputation as one of Southern California’s most trusted bookkeeping and payroll companies. Hard work, attention to detail, mutual respect for others, solid business practice, and high ethical standards have helped their company grow year over year.

Biz Help for You is an education-based podcast that gives information to entrepreneurs offering tips for success in various areas including marketing, website design, budgeting, understanding information on financial reports, and more. 

Candy is a profitability and growth advisor working with entrepreneurs in service-based industries to help them have successful businesses. With experience in the bookkeeping industry since 1998, Candy understands the stresses business owners face and offers customized services to meet their varying needs.

Candy was named Woman of the Year for 2009-2010 by the Peninsula Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association, and 2011 Entrepreneur Mom of the Year by Today’s Innovative Woman magazine. In 2012, the El Camino College Foundation honored her as a Distinguished Alumni of the Year. Affordable Bookkeeping and Payroll was named 2016 Small Business of the Year by the Torrance Chamber and Intuit’s (creator of QuickBooks software) 2016 Firm of the Future.

Candy has been married since 1992 to her husband Garth and they have a son, daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons. When not running her company, Candy enjoys reading, crocheting, logic puzzles, and spending time with friends and family.

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