Investor Connect: Benjamin Grubbs of Next 10 Ventures

Investor Connect: Benjamin Grubbs of Next 10 Ventures

March 11, 2022 by investor

On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Benjamin Grubbs, Founder of Next 10 Ventures.

Next 10 Ventures is an operating and investment company focused on incubating and accelerating new businesses, content, products, and services within the global creator economy. Its mission is to enrich, inspire, and entertain kids and young adults via the investments and partnerships they establish with creators who thrive as artists, entrepreneurs, educators, and opinion leaders.

Next 10 Ventures operates from offices in Los Angeles and Singapore. The company was incorporated in March 2018 and has secured significant funding to enable its long-term development.

Benjamin has a 20+ year history in online video and the creator economy as an operating executive, founder, and investor. He joined Yahoo! in 2001 to lead its online video business unit Yahoo! Broadcast in Southeast Asia, which was created as a result of the company’s $5.7 billion acquisition of Benjamin joined eBay in 2004 to grow its domestic and cross-border business in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and found success in acquiring young entrepreneurs to the Internet’s leading e-commerce company at the time, to build a brand, buyer community, and scaleable business.

While at Turner Broadcasting in 2008, he guided the company’s investments into young creators who were developing original IP on the Internet and evolving storytelling and franchise development via immersive and multi-player mobile and web video games.

Benjamin joined Google in 2012 to lead creator marketing for its YouTube unit in Asia Pacific, and later as a founding member of the YouTube Kids unit. He executive produced over a dozen original series and content programs with creators that have generated 2.4 billion views to date. In 2015, Benjamin relocated to the US to take on a global role at YouTube, managing a team that oversaw the company’s relationships and investments into its top creators.

Benjamin is co-founding startups in the creator economy with talented entrepreneurs. Kollyde was formed in 2020. Creator+ was formed in 2021.

Benjamin discusses his investment thesis and advises startups and investors. He also shares some of the challenges they face.

You can visit Next 10 Ventures at, on LinkedIn at, and on Twitter at  

Benjamin can be contacted at, on LinkedIn at, and on Twitter at  

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