Why Set Up a Fund?

Why Set Up a Fund?

November 18, 2021 by investor

Why Set Up a Fund?

Consider setting up a fund early on for your university angel group.

For every one alumni who joins the angel group, there will be three who will join the fund. 

Angel investing takes time and many will not be able to participate in pitch meetings and diligence.

The fund gives them the opportunity to join the group without having to review specific deals.

The fund also provides diversification to the members and gives exposure to a variety of sectors.

The fund concentrates the deals together for reporting and follow-up.

The group can recruit experienced angels to join the screening committee and so members get the benefit of the knowledge of those investors.

Finally, the fund can pool their investment dollars, gaining them access to the bigger deals.

The fund provides a consistent re-engagement of the members.

In setting up an angel group at a university, consider launching a fund at the same time and setting up a screening process to manage the deal flow.

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