Where Does Making a Return Fit In?

Where Does Making a Return Fit In?

November 16, 2021 by investor

Where Does Making a Return Fit In?

Many angel investors want to support their university group, local entrepreneur ecosystem, and more.

The primary goal is building up their local community or network.

In addition to supporting the community, the investor needs to make a return on the investment. 

Investors will want to see a return so they can continue funding startups.

If there are no returns, then the community-building effort comes to a close.

Returns provide the means by which the investors can continue supporting the university group.

Leaders of the group should make sure the deal flow can provide returns to the investors.

It is helpful to structure deals so that there is a return in a timely manner of, say, five years.

The university angel network is not the place for donations as those are typically one and done.

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