When to Follow On

When to Follow On

April 21, 2022 by investor

When to Follow On

In most startup funding, there will be a need for additional rounds of funding.

Here are some questions to ask before making that follow-on investment:

1. Does the team demonstrate integrity?
2. Do they have traction in the market yet?
3. Do they hit milestones and are they good to work with?
4. Is the follow-on round part of a plan, or did they just run out of money?
5. Does their original plan still hold, or is it now a whole new ballgame?
6. Does the startup have a board that is driving the plan, or does the startup seem rudderless?
7. Will the follow-on funding take them to the next level, or will they be back asking for more in six months regardless of this raise?
8. Do you feel like you understand the business and what is going on, or do you feel puzzled and concerned about it?

Add up the responses to these questions to determine if you should follow on with more funding.

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