Types of Advisors

Types of Advisors

April 27, 2021 by investor

There are several types of advisors you can choose to help your startup.

Here’s a list to consider:

The Brand Name – This type of advisor offers their name to your company.  

This can be helpful to attract investors, employees, and customers. 

They typically bring some value in the form of advice, but it’s primarily their name.

The Domain Expert – This type of advisor knows the industry well, both in technology and business.

They can be helpful if you are moving into a new domain or the industry is changing rapidly.

The Networker – This type of advisor knows everyone in the industry or region.

Those with a Rolodex and the ability to make connections can be very helpful.

This can be helpful in fundraising and growing sales.

The Business Modeler – This type of advisor may come from other industries but knows business models and can bring new monetization tools to your business.

The Confidant – This type of advisor can coach on the emotional side of running a startup.

Startups have highs and lows that take the founder through the full range of emotions.

This advisor can help the founder navigate through the ups and downs.

Decide what type of advisor you need before looking for one.


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