The Growth Story

The Growth Story

October 27, 2019 by investor

Show the system behind your goals

Today, we’ll talk about establishing a growth story for your startup

Investors fund deals based on the team, the market, or the technology.  While these are popular investment thesis, the investment decision often comes down to what I call “the Growth Story”.  

This is your operational revenue model showing how you acquire customers and how much they pay for your product/service.

If you have substantial revenue say a $1M then the investor assumes you have a growth story.  Growth stage investors will look at the model to see how much you can grow that business and what constraints you will face and when.

For pre-revenue or low revenue companies you can sho  in unit economic numbers the proven repeatable business model you have up and running. 

If you haven’t done so already then take $5K and prove out the unit economic model.

For example, let’s say

-You can generate leads for $1/lead from Facebook ads

-Through a followup email you  can convert 1 out of 50 leads into a paying customer

-Each paying customer buys on average $250 worth of product

-You can take these numbers and render a basic economic unit model as follows:

CAC: $50

LTV: $250

CAC: LTV is 1:5

-You then add the time it takes for signup and fulfillment and you have a unit economic model. 

The fact you know your numbers will impress investors.  Investors look for the system behind the goals.  This is one way to demonstrate your growth story.

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