The A Team With the B Plan

The A Team With the B Plan

March 30, 2022 by investor

The A Team With the B Plan

In funding startups, look for the A team working on the B plan.

In this situation, the team can clearly accomplish the task at hand because they’ve done it before and the task is not that hard.

The opposite of this is the team that has little experience and is now taking on a major new challenge.  

The A team makes for a better startup investment.

They know the market well and can see small changes coming up that will impact their business.

They know the industry players well and can contact them easily to form partnerships, recruit team members, and sell the product.

They work well together and have probably done for so many years.

The B project is very well-defined.

In diligencing startups, check to see how close the deal is to the A team working on a B project.

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