Testing the Serial Entrepreneur

Testing the Serial Entrepreneur

May 5, 2022 by investor

Testing the Serial Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs who have failed are often strong leaders in their next venture.

To know if a serial entrepreneur is on track to success after their first failure, check these points:

– Character — if they don’t have character, then nothing else will matter.
– Passion — burnout cases won’t make it the second time around.
– Risk-taking — do they continue to step up to the risks?
– Team building — do they know how to recruit a team and organize them?
– Tech — are they up on the latest technology in their space?
– Motivation — are they still motivated to take on the challenge of a startup?
– Experience — did their first startup gain traction and grow, or did it blow up on the runway?  Those with several years of growth will have more experience to use in their second startup.
– Teachable — did they learn from their first startup, or do they seem to repeat the same mistakes?
– Responsibility — do they take responsibility for their first startup failure? If not, they won’t take responsibility for the next one.
– Retrospective — did they analyze their first startup failure and understand thoroughly what happened, both good and bad?

Failed entrepreneurs are experienced entrepreneurs. Look for the ones who captured the most from their first failure.

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