The Soft Side of Valuations

The Soft Side of Valuations

October 16, 2020 by investor

In setting the valuation for a startup, there are financial calculations, and then there are non-financial factors.

I call the non-financial factors the “soft side of valuations”.

These include the following:

Current market conditions — as the market heats, up certain sectors turn ‘hot’ and therefore command a higher valuation than the numbers indicate.

Predictability – companies with recurring revenue streams and long-term contracts command a higher valuation because their revenue is much more predictable.

Customer concentration — startups with a broader list of customers will survive longer. If a customer accounts for over half of the business, then this should be reflected in the valuation.

Pre-profitability — for early-stage companies, those with profitability should command a higher valuation.

Pre-revenue — for even earlier-stage businesses without revenue, intellectual property and customer forecasts come into play. 

Start with the financial calculation and then refine the valuation from there based on these issues.

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