Start With Why

Start With Why

January 18, 2023 by investor

Start With Why

A key concept in aligning people’s motives is to start with the Why.

The Why represents the motives behind people’s actions and their purpose.

The How represents the methods or steps to get there.

The What represents the results or outcome to achieve.

To align the team in your startup, start with the Why — why are we doing this?

The Why gives the team a common purpose and motivation behind it.

The Why helps you recruit new employees.

The Why helps you make decisions along the way.

It keeps you focused on your business and avoids distractions from competitors.

Great companies focus on the why first and then go into the what and how.

In raising funding show the investors your why and then go into the how and the what.

If you don’t have a Why statement, then set aside time to figure it out and then share it with others.


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