Investor Connect – Rita Sudheer of Asa Ventures

Investor Connect – Rita Sudheer of Asa Ventures

August 23, 2019 by investor

In this episode, Hall is joined by Rita Sudheer of Asa Ventures. As the episode begins, you’ll learn about Rita’s background prior to Asa Ventures- Arif Saiyad & Associados (ASA) Ventures, established in 2003 in Portugal and headquartered in Dubai, works on hybrid models of Venture Capital. Rita talks about the state of venture investing in the UAE and the Middle East, and how is the industry evolving. She says there are a lot of new incubators and funds and accelerator programs that have been created and the investment in entrepreneurial ventures has increased notably in the Middle East.

You’ll also learn Rita’s advice to those investing in the sector as well as challenges and risks she sees. She explains how the UAE is a strategic location between the East and West, which makes it accessible to some of the major emerging economies. It’s a strategic place and there’s a lot of room to grow and experiment.

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