Repeatable Systems

Repeatable Systems

January 19, 2023 by investor

Repeatable Systems

Repeatable systems are a key element in growing and scaling a business.

Once the business is up and running, the founder should start to build repeatable systems.

Anything you do more than once should be documented.

The key steps should be written down and followed each time you do it.

This saves time and improves quality.

It also generates efficiency and consistency.

In a startup, you are not trying to do a thousand things.

Rather, you are trying to do ten things, one thousand times.

The sales process is a good example of using repeatable systems.

Consider this for your sales process:

Define your lead criteria.

Break the sales process down into stages for execution and forecasting.

Continue the process with customers to turn them into repeat customers.

Analyze the process continually to improve it.

By using repeatable processes you can grow your business more efficiently.


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