Raise the Bar in Networking

Raise the Bar in Networking

December 30, 2019 by investor

I receive requests for introductions from many sources. Startups want to meet investors. Advisors want to meet growth companies. The list goes on.

Over the years, I’ve learned to raise the bar. I could take whatever attachment they have and make the introduction. Instead, I raise the bar by requiring the requestor to make it better. I ask for a proper email address that represents their business instead a hotmail address. I ask the requestor to write a short paragraph about the purpose of the introduction. If they don’t have a focus, then I ask them to find one before sending it.

I’m happy to make an introduction. I want it to be successful. I’m surprised by how many drop out after I ask for a short note explaining the reason for the introduction that I can use in the followup.

If you want an introduction, then provide a few sentences describing the purpose of the introduction and why you are asking for it.

If you ask for an introduction, offer something in return or pay it forward.

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