Purpose of a Brand

Purpose of a Brand

November 16, 2023 by investor

Purpose of a Brand

The purpose of a brand is to show why your company exists.

It’s your reason for being beyond making money.

Customers buy products based on both logic and emotion. 

The brand helps you tell your story in a way that connects with the audience’s emotions.

Good brands are easy to understand and remember.

Customers look for brands that match their view of the world.

They make buying decisions based on brands.

They want to join communities of like-minded people.

Brands make it easy for customers to identify what is relevant to them.

To use your brand most effectively, consider the following:

Be consistent with the use of the brand throughout the organization.

Include your brand in all your communications.

Maintain your branding over the long run as it helps anchor the company and maintain consistency through trends and fads.

Use it to show your company’s beliefs and convictions.

A strong brand gives the company legitimacy in the marketplace.

It creates a connection with your audience.


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