Patrick Juthberg of Carable

Patrick Juthberg of Carable

August 13, 2019 by investor


On this episode, Hall is joined by Patrick Juthberg of Carable, an automotive marketplace that connects buyers to sellers directly, completely removing the middleman.

Patrick, a self-described serial entrepreneur, sees an issue and it drives him to find a solution from a problem perspective.

In this episode, Hall and Patrick talk about his path to the automotive industry and risks and challenges he sees in the space as a whole. Patrick also shares his advice to investors who’d like to pursue the automotive industry. According to Patrick, the used market is huge and is already a $700 billion industry. You see dealer models that are asset-heavy and dominant. It’s a very fragmented and traditional market with 43,000 independent dealers. So if you invest, he says that you have to look for something new, asset-light and and highly scalable.

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