Open platform vs. closed platform

Open platform vs. closed platform

January 13, 2023 by investor

Open Platform vs. Closed Platform

Open platform vs. closed platform is a key concept in the startup ecosystem.

It defines how the startup will interact with customers, partners, and others.

A closed platform is one in which the startup restricts access in order to monetize its content.

It’s often called a “walled garden” which one must pay to enter.

An open platform is one in which anyone can access the content.  

Open platforms often allow connectivity to other software tools to provide additional functionality.

The user can access the site and create their own content from it.

Open platforms work best when the customer needs to use the content within their own application.

A closed platform offers the content as is and does not provide connectivity to outside applications.

The benefit of a closed platform is a higher level of security and quality of content.

Closed platforms work best for customers who need only the content as provided and don’t need to integrate it with other content.

Monetization in closed platforms occurs at the access points.

Monetization in open platforms occurs elsewhere such as providing premium services.

Consider both options for your startup.


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