More Ways To Prevent Fraud in a Startup

More Ways To Prevent Fraud in a Startup

February 7, 2024 by investor

More Ways To Prevent Fraud in a Startup

There are several types of online fraud.

Here is a list of attacks to watch out for:

Bots — these automated tools can infect your website and emails with viruses.

Denial of service attack — this disables your website by sending too many requests for service.

Cross-site scripting attack — This type of fraud attacks the CSS section of the website in search of login details and credit card information.

SQL attacks — this type of fraud breaks into online databases to steal the contents.

Phishing — this type of attack sends an email from a supposedly friendly source but with the goal of capturing social security and bank account numbers.

Password capture — this type of fraud seeks to capture the password of users by pretending to be a service provider that needs access to your accounts.

Tailgating — this attack seeks access to key databases and other information by duping an internal contact to give access.

Pretexting — this type of fraud fabricates a story about their identity and purpose to induce an employee to give sensitive information.

Diversion theft — this fraud induces the employee to reroute information or funds to a new location at which point the fraudster captures the information or funds. 

Train your employees on how to detect this type of fraud and avoid it.


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