Mistakes in Crowdfunding Campaigns

Mistakes in Crowdfunding Campaigns

March 3, 2022 by investor

Mistakes in Crowdfunding Campaigns 

Fundraising requires preparation and execution. 

Avoid these mistakes in running your crowdfunding campaign:

Not understanding the rules and regulations around crowdfunding, including what you can and cannot do.

Launching without market validation or product validation.  

You must prove to the investor that customers will pay for the product, and it works.

Failing to position your deal for the investor type you are engaging.

Each type of investor looks for different aspects of the deal around traction, product type, monetization model, and expected return.

Running a campaign without quality campaign materials such as digital advertising, landing pages that convert, and a quality pitch deck.

Not setting short and long-term goals for the campaign.

You need to know where you should be in the campaign each week.

Not providing updates about the progress of the company, including sales, team, product, and funds raised.

Not having any funding at the launch of the campaign.

No investor wants to go first. You must have some funding already in place.

Avoid these mistakes in building and running your campaign.

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