Mistakes Founders Make With Corporate VCs

Mistakes Founders Make With Corporate VCs

June 9, 2021 by investor

Founders looking to raise funding from corporate VCs should avoid the following mistakes:

1. Not matching the corporate VC to the needs of the startup – corporate VCs bring not only money but strategic value.
2. Not understanding the corporate VC investment strategy – some corporate VCs invest for a financial return, while others invest for a strategic partnership.
3. Not building a strong relationship with the corporate VC team – it’s best to forge a good working relationship upfront as it will bring value later.
4. Not doing diligence on the corporate VC –  the founder should be doing as much diligence on the corporate VC as the VC is doing on the startup.
5. Not knowing what you want from the corporate VC – it’s best to identify the needs of the company first and then choose a VC based on that.
6. Not preparing for the product and technical diligence a corporate VC will put on your startup – a corporate VC comes from the large company world with higher standards for product and technical work.
7. Not getting the corporate VC to waive audit rights – audits are a major cost in time and dollars.
8. Not preparing for regulatory issues especially in the financial space – not preparing for corporate team transitions.

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