Investor Connect – Mendy Ouzillou of MMOmentum Consulting

Investor Connect – Mendy Ouzillou of MMOmentum Consulting

August 23, 2019 by investor

On this episode Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Mendy Ouzillou of MMOmentum Consulting. In this episode, Mendy illuminates the concept of ‘points of friction’.  As Mendy explains, points of friction are any number of things that get in the way of achieving your goals. Mendy focuses on how this concept applies to pre-money startups and pre-revenue businesses, and what they can do to minimize points of friction.

Mendy begins by taking a look at the audience’s (in this case, the customer’s) state of mind. In general, an audience has expectations, and if those are not met, then the audience has trouble moving on from those expectations. Points of friction prevent an audience from following a presenter – these points of friction often take the form of ‘unanswered questions’. Mendy elaborates on the types of unanswered questions, and how they cause friction between the presenter and the audience.

Mendy shows how presenters cause points of friction through incorrect assumptions about the audience, lack of preparation, or by confusing or boring their audience. Finally, Mendy details some of the specific things you can do in a pitch to avoid points of friction.

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