Looking for an Exit

Looking for an Exit

March 25, 2021 by investor

Startup investors look for an exit in the 5-7 year range.

As a startup, you need to consider the exit from the beginning as the exit strategy can inform your decisions around funding, hiring, and more.

Here are several exit options to consider:

– Mergers and acquisitions – most companies exit by being bought by a bigger company
– Going public – some companies still use an IPO for an exit. It can be expensive due to compliance, so fewer companies take it
– Private equity firm – more companies are staying private longer and often use PE firms to give the early investors an exit
– Revenue sharing – some investors exit by taking a revenue share for their return
– Liquidation – some companies can be sold for the assets to provide a return to the investors
– Share buyout – some investors will accept a buyout of their shares from the company to provide an exit in the event there is no other option

If your investors are family members or others who do not expect to be paid back, then you can skip the exit and just maintain the business

As you launch and grow your business, keep a list of potential exit options and consider what you would need to do to achieve it.

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