Investor Connect – John Cooper of Minimelife

Investor Connect – John Cooper of Minimelife

August 23, 2019 by investor

On this episode, Hall is joined by John Cooper of Minimelife. John has practiced healthcare for most of his life and for the last 14 years as an attending vascular surgeon at Virtual Health System in New Jersey. Over his career, John has witnessed better outcomes when patients are directly involved with their healthcare. He found that if he can illustrate the medical information to patients the better they seem to understand their health. So he decided to create Minimelife, an application that not only teaches, but also puts the control into the patients’ hands for their medical records.

In this episode John shares his advice for investors in healthcare  from his perspective as a provider. He says many patients are realizing that some of the biggest problems today are involvement in their healthcare decisions. So anything that helps patients’ involvement, management and even communication, would be highly successful in the healthcare market.


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