Investor Perspectives: Show 6 – Faith-Based Investing in a Post-COVID World – Investment Thesis

Investor Perspectives: Show 6 – Faith-Based Investing in a Post-COVID World – Investment Thesis

February 8, 2022 by investor

This is Investor Perspectives. I’m the host of Investor Connect, Hall T. Martin, where we connect startups and investors for funding.

In our new Investor Perspectives series entitled “Faith-Based Investing in a Post-COVID World”, you’ll hear our guests’ investment theses.

As the COVID pandemic passes, we emerge into a new era. The faith-based investing space is now undergoing tremendous change as we shift to a post-COVID world. Faith-based investing takes precedence with many investors in the financial industry. We have investors and startup founders describe the changes coming up.

Our guests are:

Tony Long, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, CLX Ventures LLC [01:12]
David Simms, Managing Partner and Founder, Talanton [02:49]
Andrew Stoner, Chief Investment Officer, Paradiem LLC [04:11]
Wes Lyons, General Partner, Eagle Venture Fund [05:28]
Michael Arrieta, Founder and CEO, Garden City Companies (startup) [06:19]
Josh Wilson, Principal Broker and Owner, Kingdom Syndicate [08:04]
Bill Wichterman, Angel Investor [08:57]

We hope you enjoy the show.

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