Investor Connect –  Yigit Ihlamur of Vela Partners

Investor Connect – Yigit Ihlamur of Vela Partners

January 30, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Yigit Ihlamur of Vela Partners. Vela Partners is an investment firm, composed of five partners supported by technology, commercial and legal advisors. Their main focus is software companies, with investments spanning from angel to VC stages.

Before Vela, Yigit Ihlamur worked in Google’s Cloud division, at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, on product strategy, management, and startup partnerships. Yigit’s tenure at Google also included several years spent in the company’s European headquarters in Dublin, where he was initiated into European business and technology working on technical operations for G Suite.

In this episode, Yigit shares his advice to first-time investors in startups, in particular in the machine learning and data sector. According to Yigit, see as many companies as you can. It’s easy to get excited about a good story and dream of what can happen. Visit with at least twenty to thirty companies before deciding so you can benchmark those companies.

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