Investor Connect – Yaniv Sneor of Mid Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA)

Investor Connect – Yaniv Sneor of Mid Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA)

April 27, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Yaniv Sneor, founder of Mid Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA).

MABA is a life-science angel group focused on therapeutics, devices and diagnostics.

Yaniv started a career in physics and moved to working as a consultant with companies in the life-sciences sector. He noticed that these smaller, early-stage life-science companies were having difficulty raising money, so he decided to invest himself.

He talks about his excitement for the “very-challenging” life-science space, and explains what some of those challenges are.

He gives his advice to investors about what to do before writing that very first check and, on the flip side, gives advice to first-time entrepreneurs.

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