Investor Connect – William Davis of LDJ Capital

Investor Connect – William Davis of LDJ Capital

April 1, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes back William Davis, Managing Director, Technology and Investments (New York) of family office LDJ Capital who offer many services, including asset management, financial advisory, philanthropy, art advisory, wealth management, valuations and investor relations.

Bill, who started his career in artificial intelligence and robotics and is very experienced in the FinTech space, discusses what he has been doing since his last interview with Hall back in 2018. He tells us what he is excited about, what his best investment was thus far, and opportunities in Africa. 

He goes into great detail about the investment opportunities in Space and welcomes anyone who reaches out to him with questions or investment opportunities.


You can find LDJ Capital at 

Bill can be reached via LinkedIn at 

He can also be contacted via email at and and via telephone at 718-757-4195

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