Investor Connect – Wenyi Cai of Polymath Ventures

Investor Connect – Wenyi Cai of Polymath Ventures

January 9, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Wenyi Cai of Polymath Ventures. Polymath is a company builder focused on emerging markets, with offices in Mexico City and Bogota. They are specifically interested in sectors experiencing global disruption enabled by technology in an emerging market setting. Wenyi’s background gave him experience with emerging markets, and he applies this familiarity to Polymath’s approach to startups and investing.

Wenyi discusses the exciting state of venture capital in Latin America, as well as her advice to those wanting to invest in emerging markets. Wenyi also talks about some of the differences and similarities between established and emerging markets. Wenyi points out that, for many industries in emerging markets, there can be numerous problems throughout the value chain. She urges startups in emerging markets to stay focused on their core competencies, and not try to tackle a whole value chain at once. In addition, Wenyi explains venture-studio model, and how it works. Finally, she highlights fin-tech and ecommerce as areas of growth potential in emerging markets.

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