Investor Connect: Wen Zhang of INNW Institute and Host of If Not Now, Wen, Podcast

Investor Connect: Wen Zhang of INNW Institute and Host of If Not Now, Wen, Podcast

August 23, 2022 by investor

On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Wen Zhang, Fundraising and Startup Advisor, Pitch Expert, Professional Speaker, Founder and CEO of INNW Institute, and Host of “If Not Now, Wen, Podcast.” 

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the INNW Institute helps individuals, from first-time founders to seasoned executives, polish their pitch, develop the strategy and execute a vision.

Making a perfect pitch is like making a peanut butter jelly sandwich. It requires the perfect amount of peanut butter on one slide, which is all the business fundamentals, such as your business model, pricing strategy; on the other hand, you need the right amount of strawberry jelly, which is your passion, your why, the way how you tell the story. We need the right amount of both on the bread to make a perfect bite.​

Dreaming of venturing into the world while growing up in an isolated mountain town in rural China, Wen completely transformed her life by teaching herself English using a cassette machine. Despite countless challenges, she pushed forward to become the only person who ever left her hometown and achieves her dream of seeing the world four years later.

Wen succeeded (and failed) in both the startup and corporate world and has experience in software, hardware, and service-based business models. She also has experience in launching a new business, expanding the market internationally, and scaling and managing global enterprise business. In a Fortune 500 company, she is leading a $320M yearly product portfolio while managing 400 sales teams across the North American region. She is passionate about supporting founders to grow and scale their ventures, working through their business model as well as the pitching process to connect and resonate with investors and customers via pitch deck.

On her podcast, you will meet different entrepreneurs who have accomplished unimaginable feats to share their dreams, the ups, the downs, and everything in between, while giving you a peek behind the curtains of how they make it possible!

Wen holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University.

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