Investor Connect: Sarah Jennings of Beyond Angels Network Yellow Jacket Fund

Investor Connect: Sarah Jennings of Beyond Angels Network Yellow Jacket Fund

November 4, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Sarah Jennings, Assistant Director of The Cedarville Beyond Angel Network and Yellow Jacket Fund I.

The Cedarville Beyond Angel Network and Fund provides early-stage capital to strong entrepreneurial teams with developed products or services and early customer traction. The investment thesis of the Network and Fund is to invest in for-profit companies, led by a faith-driven founder with a biblical worldview, that will provide market returns to investors in addition to making a Kingdom impact on culture and the marketplace.

The Yellow Jacket Fund I is a sidecar fund capped at $5M with the objective to invest in early-stage companies that have scalable growth, a clear exit strategy, and that are post-revenue. The Yellow Jacket Fund I is the first in a series of Funds, designed to provide access to faith-aligned capital with the faith-driven mission of Christian founders. The Fund is the first of its kind for the rapidly growing faith-driven start-up marketplace. 

As part of the leadership team, Sarah focuses on managing investor relationships and scouting for potential deal flow. Prior to joining the Network, Sarah worked for JP Morgan Chase as an Internal Audit Analyst. Sarah graduated magna cum laude from Cedarville University with a B.S. in Finance. 

Sarah shares how she sees the angel industry evolving, and mentions some of the challenges both investors and entrepreneurs face. She speaks about two companies that fit the Network’s thesis and explains how the Yellow Jacket Fund I works.

You can visit Beyond Angels Network’s Yellow Jacket Fund at   

Sarah can be contacted via LinkedIn at and via email at 

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