Investor Connect – Ronald T LeMay of Main Street Data

Investor Connect – Ronald T LeMay of Main Street Data

October 25, 2019 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Ronald LeMay CEO of Main Street Data. Main Street Data was formed in 2017 to bring precise data to the agriculture world. While data has improved in many other industries, agriculture remains behind the curve and Main Street Data has set out to change that. Main Street Data enables ag-related organizations to dive deeper than ever before into the data and insights that drive better decisions. They also provide growers with an objective scorecard for farming practices, along with insights for where to invest for a better return.

Before joining Main Street Data, Ronald spent most of his career in communications. He worked with Southwestern Bell, AT&T and retired from Sprint in 2003 as president and COO. He decided to join Main Street Data because it’s a portfolio company of OpenAir Equity Partners. Ronald and his son formed OpenAir Equity Partners in 1999 to keep him moving since according to Ronald he would never have the ability to or interest in retiring. So he invested in the predecessor to Main Street Data.

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