Investor Connect: Robert Norton of AirTight Management

Investor Connect: Robert Norton of AirTight Management

August 24, 2021 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Robert Norton, CEO at AirTight Management.

Headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, AirTight Management prepares and assists entrepreneurs in launching new companies and products, scale through consulting, and training and coaching to create high-performance cultures. 

Robert has been a serial entrepreneur since 1989. He has founded and scaled several companies as CEO and in four exits earned investors over $1 billion in profits just while at those companies. Today, these companies generate billions annually. He is also a speaker, author of two books, over 125 articles, and over 360 studio-produced videos on these topics, trained thousands of CEOs from 35+ countries, and is a thought leader in entrepreneurship, innovation, and scaling of companies.

Robert has grown two startups to over $100M in sales, Thomson Financial Services, and HomeView ($156M) in five years each. HomeView was the first HD, virtual touring company for residential real estate and achieved a 78% market share in only 18 months. Both companies disrupted their industries with six successful products out of six. Robert has now created over 80 products and helped with hundreds. He specializes in entrepreneurship and scaling companies that can become $100M+ with impact and has helped over 200 companies start and/or scale.

As a board member, adviser, and coach, Robert has doubled and tripled the growth rate at many client companies in short order leading Organization Change Management (and Development OCM/OD) and adding tens of millions in valuation to individual clients in months.

Robert discusses the steps to creating and the benefits of sustainable competitive advantages, how the business model impacts it, where intellectual property comes into play, and more.

You can visit AirTight Management at, and via LinkedIn at

Robert can be contacted via email at, via, and via LinkedIn at

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