Investor Connect: Raleigh Melancon of StylizeNOW

Investor Connect: Raleigh Melancon of StylizeNOW

March 31, 2021 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Raleigh Melancon, Founder & CEO of StylizeNOW.

Located in Austin, Texas, Raleigh’s company owns and operates a platform (available on iOS Apple Store, Google Play Store, and a website called StylizeNOW. Their platform provides on-demand mobile hair and nail salon services that cater to customers’ residences. For now, the platform is focused on the central Texas markets but hopes to expand soon. StylizeNow contracts with licensed professionals that agree to provide these services to customers that use the StylizeNow mobile application. 

Similar to other on-demand service providers, the company does not employ these professionals but contracts with individual professionals that provide these services and send them to customers that use the platform. Customers simply go on the platform and select what service, or services, they desire, and the platform will immediately begin to set them up with a stylist and send them to the client’s location.

Raleigh graduated from UT Austin, with a BS in computer science, in 2019 and worked in government for one year. COVID-19 affected him in so many ways. While he was fortunate to avoid the worst fate of the pandemic, the entrepreneur in him kept trying to find ways to help people through lockdowns, shutdowns, and stay-at-home orders. He noticed that many women kept complaining about their hair, nails, and other beauty maintenance issues while realizing that at the same time many of these workers had been without any work or working in a limited capacity. Realizing the potential of bringing these two communities together in a way that both satisfied the pandemic restrictions (avoiding indoor public spaces with dozens or hundreds of people) and allowing for the greatest possible convenience to clients of these and other services, were the initial inspiration for StylizeNOW. 

Since organizing his idea, he has been leading the work on a platform that is providing on-demand salon services to clients’ homes. Raleigh leads all aspects of founding and launching the platform to include incorporating, registering, searching, shopping insurance plans, developing the marketing strategy, and product rollout. 

Raleigh discusses what led him to start working in this space and some of the challenges he has faced. He also advises investors and entrepreneurs.

You can visit StylizeNOW at, via LinkedIn at, and via Twitter at  

Raleigh can be contacted at, and via LinkedIn at        

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