Investor Connect – Pieter Dorsman of Angel Forum and E-Fund

Investor Connect – Pieter Dorsman of Angel Forum and E-Fund

March 2, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Pieter Dorsman of Angel Forum and E-Fund. Angel Forum is one of the longest-serving angel networks in Canada. They are a non-profit organization and presenting companies have raised over $35 million directly through their forum. Angel Forum also offers workshops to both entrepreneurs and investors.

E-Fund was founded to achieve consistently higher returns and more exits from angel investments. By investing via teams, they can do more due diligence, leverage the industry expertise of investors and provide post-investment advice to the companies they invest in.

Pieter is a seasoned advisor, investor, and mentor. He is also President & CEO of Redpeaks Management Inc., a consulting firm focused on advising technology companies on capital raising, M&A and restructuring activities and everything related.

You can find Angel Forum at

You can find E-Fund at

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