Investor Connect: Pedro Sorrentino of Atman Capital

Investor Connect: Pedro Sorrentino of Atman Capital

April 14, 2023 by investor

On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Pedro Sorrentino, Founder & Managing Partner at Atman Capital.

Located in San Francisco, Miami, and NYC, Atman Capital is an early-stage startup, investing in technology and technology-enabled startups in the US and Latam. They invest in the following themes: B2B software, Commerce, Consumer, and Fintech. At Atman, they partner with their customers for life. They try to offer a life-long product that improves over time from work done via Atman Bequest and the Atman Egregore. 

Atman Capital is specialized in scarce structured opportunities not available at traditional asset managers. Divided into tailored pods, founders vibe with each other and work together to build the best version of themselves, personally and professionally.

Pedro started his career in Venture as an associate at FCVC. This remarkable firm seeded category-defining companies such as Coinbase, Instacart, Gitlab, Flexport, Shippo, Webflow, RapidAPI, Bigfinite, Aircall, and several others. Later, he co-founded ONEVC, where he led investments in Rappi, Pipefy, Kovi, CodeCov, Immi, RocketChat, Maximus, EmCasa, HeyDoctor (acquired by $GDRX), and Apozy.

Pedro has an MS Degree from Colorado University. During his time at Colorado University, he founded two startups. The first was, which he later sold to an e-commerce conglomerate in Brazil called Buscape. The second was Slumdog Productions, a profitable events company that connected startups and investors.

Pedro talks about the VC industry, the ethos of his company, the connection between VC and AI, and much more.

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