Investor Connect: Nish Krishna of Lend-Grow

Investor Connect: Nish Krishna of Lend-Grow

October 30, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Nish Krishna, CEO of Lend-Grow.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Lend-Grow is a complete digital growth platform for local lenders. Lend-Grow aims to connect consumers with 1000+ local lenders that are often harder-to-find online and usually have better deals on loans. Lend-Grow was founded by executives that successfully built multi-billion dollar portfolios at both big banks and credit unions.  

Lend-Grow’s platform consists of (i) RateBunni, a rate aggregator that has information on rate competitiveness and trends from 300+ local lenders, (ii) Lend-Grow marketplace to pre-qualify and route borrowers to local lenders in real-time, and (iii) Ask Lend-Grow recommendation engine to help local lenders take smart, data-driven decisions.

Nish has spent the past decade at both large banks (Capital One, E*Trade) and mid-sized ones (M&T Bank, PenFed Credit Union). At Capital One, Nish managed growth for a $600 million co-brand card business and $2.5 billion small business lending. Before starting Lend-Grow, Nish set up the Consumer Loans business at PenFed and grew this business to $1.2 billion in loans over two years. Nish is an MBA graduate from Darden Business School and an IIT alum.

Nish discusses investing in FinTech, broad trends in lending, challenges and opportunities for FinTech startups, and the thesis for Lend-Grow. He advises investors and entrepreneurs and shares resources for anyone interested in the fintech sector.

You can visit Lend-Grow at  

Nish can be contacted via LinkedIn at and via email at 

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