Investor Connect: Neetu Puranikmath of Chisos

Investor Connect: Neetu Puranikmath of Chisos

August 27, 2021 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Neetu Puranikmath, Investor at Chisos.

Chisos provides alternative financing for founders at the earliest stages and fills a massive funding gap by connecting underserved founders to capital sources. Chisos’ key differentiator is its proprietary CISA or Convertible Income Share Agreement. The CISA is a hybrid financing vehicle that essentially combines a personal income share agreement with the founder and a small percentage of equity in the business. Chisos’ flexible funding model enables investors to safely fund pre-traction startups at minimal risk with uncapped upside potential.

The Chisos SaaS platform also provides states, regions, and universities an automated way to safely invest in underserved early-stage founders. The SaaS platform helps funds source, underwrite and service Convertible Income Share Agreement Investments at scale.

Neetu is an experienced investor, operator, and startup advisor. She is a strong believer in alternative funding models such as Chisos and, as a former founder, strongly committed to providing undiscovered founders with capital and mentorship. Prior to joining Chisos, she worked at Alumni Ventures Group as a pre-seed/seed investor where she focused on Fintech and SaaS. Previously, she was Chief of Staff for a Fintech startup and worked in operations at YouTube, Google, and Facebook. She is a former 501(c)(3) founder and has been a mentor for the Clinton Foundation, First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund, and Texas’ NewChip accelerator. She graduated with a Bachelor in Political Science from UC Berkeley and received her MBA from the University of Oxford.

Neetu advises startups and investors and shares how she sees the industry evolving. She discusses some of the challenges startups and investors face, alternative financing options in the early-stage ecosystem, and she shares her investment thesis.

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