Investor Connect – Martin Mulvihill of Safer Made

Investor Connect – Martin Mulvihill of Safer Made

January 6, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Martin Mulvihill of Safer Made, a VC firm specializing in early-stage companies that bring safer products and technologies to market and protect our health and the natural world. With a background in chemistry, Martin has brought his passion for sustainable, environment-friendly chemistry to investing.

For prospective investors in the health and wellness sector, Martin advises getting to know the leaders in the space. Martin also emphasizes the need to understand, at a high level, each of the product components. This might include branding, food packaging, formulated goods, and more. For founders, Martin talks about how they must have a clear idea about things like inventory management, channel approach, and supply chain. When looking at potential investments, Safer Made focuses on companies with a competitive advantage in terms of their product, and a consumer-targeted approach. Martin elaborates on their investment thesis and highlights how the challenges can vary widely depending on the specific product being made. Martin also highlights the packaging sector as a particularly robust area with room for growth.

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