Investor Connect – Mark Peter Davis of Interplay

Investor Connect – Mark Peter Davis of Interplay

July 29, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes back Mark Peter Davis, Founder and Managing Partner of Interplay. 

Interplay co-founds, incubates and invests in companies. The firm is sector, geo and stage agnostic focusing on disrupting industries through the use of technology and design. Interplay is located in New York City with offices across the U.S., the Philippines and South America.

Mark is a venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, author and community organizer. Through Interplay Mark has built a platform of service companies that support thousands of venture-backed companies. These companies include Chelsea Capital, Firon Marketing, Founder Shield, Greenparc, Spark Digital, Spoke, Truman James and Venwise.

He is also the author of “The Fundraising Rules”, a handbook designed to help entrepreneurs raise capital, and the founder of both the Columbia Venture Community and the New York Venture Community.  Mark also serves as a mentor to numerous accelerators in NYC.

Mark updates Hall on what he has been doing since the last time they spoke. He shares what he is currently excited about and which companies he has had good experiences with. Mark explains some of the challenges startups face and how he evaluates a team in the very early stages.

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