Investor Connect: Larry Uhl of Pasadena Angels

Investor Connect: Larry Uhl of Pasadena Angels

December 2, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Larry Uhl, a Vice Chairman of the Pasadena Angels.

The Pasadena Angels were founded in 2000 and are one of the longest-running angel investing groups in Southern California. Their mission is to create a unique investment community of successful business and professional leaders helping to identify promising start-up ventures and providing the capital and counsel necessary for success. The Pasadena Angels have invested more than $75 million dollars of early-stage capital in 195 companies in Southern California and their investments range from $100K up to $1.5 M in early-stage and seed funding. Additionally, they partner with a network of venture capital firms and angel investment groups through syndication to help support companies seeking $1M or more in funding.

Larry is a Vice Chairman of the Pasadena Angels and the Co-Chairman of the Outreach/Deal Sourcing Committee. He started his career in investment banking and was the Managing Director for Merrill Lynch, responsible for coverage of financial institutions in the Western United States. Larry spent 17 years working on numerous debt, equity, and merger and acquisition transactions. He transitioned to the private client group of Merrill Lynch in 1994 and UBS Financial in 1999. At UBS, he managed accounts aggregating over $500 million until his recent retirement.  

Larry began investing in startup enterprises in 2014, primarily through the Pasadena Angels. His portfolio of 40 plus companies spans a variety of industries from biotech, fintech and esports to clean technology. He has been the lead investor in over 10 investments resulting in $2M+ in funding. Larry is also an investor in the Cove II Fund, which invests in the burgeoning Southern California technology sector. He recently joined Tech Coast Angels Orange County as a virtual member and invested in their current fund.  He has also applied to be an investor in the new Wavemaker 360 fund.  

In his role with the Outreach/Deal Sourcing Committee, Larry actively engages and builds on the Pasadena Angels’ relationships with angel investors, accelerators, and early-stage VCs. These relationships provide syndication opportunities that can increase the funds raised by Pasadena Angels’ portfolio companies and provide capital and partnerships for follow-on funding.

Larry is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School.

Larry shares with Hall how he sees the industry evolving and what his biggest challenge has been. He discusses the investment thesis of the group and speaks about some of their portfolio companies. 

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