Investor Connect: Kristina Chapple of 11 Tribes VC

Investor Connect: Kristina Chapple of 11 Tribes VC

February 24, 2023 by investor

On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Kristina Chapple, Director at 11 Tribes Ventures.

Located in Chicago, IL, USA, 11 Tribes Ventures is an early-stage venture fund that proactively invests in the well-being of entrepreneurs. The fund is radical in its allocation of resources to fund founder well-being, putting real dollars toward their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Thesis-wise, 11 Tribes invests in purpose-driven entrepreneurs disrupting legacy industries. The company provides innovative, founder-focused venture capital investment to early-stage technology companies in non-traditional technology hubs across the county. 

11 Tribes Ventures is disrupting the business model of venture capital. The traditional “growth at all costs” mentality produces founder burnout, unsettling ethics, and failed investments. By rejecting this status quo of dollars-driven, people-indifferent investing in lieu of an approach that centers around building businesses that are profitable and sustainable, they’re changing the narrative from burnout to flourishing by redefining the ecosystem of support around each founder.

Kristina is a Director at 11 Tribes Ventures. Originally, she joined the firm as employee #1 to be the point person for all things pipeline: sourcing, screening, and diligence. In 6 months, alongside the growth of 11 Tribes, Kristina’s responsibilities have expanded to encompass fundraising and operations. She serves as 11 Tribes’ boots on the ground in the Chicago Tech & Venture ecosystem.

With interests in the disciplines of City Planning and Entrepreneurship, Kristina has a track record of taking ownership in building initiatives that unleash measurable, constructive impact on her communities. Throughout her life, she has been fiercely attentive to gaps in human connection and has creatively responded: she launched a school-wide movement to combat social isolation by equipping students to engage in better conversations. Today, the “Whisper” Movement has now scaled to 18 schools across Atlanta.

Kristina talks about her background, how to invest in early-stage venture funds, and the best practices for running venture funds.

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