Investor Connect – Kevin Van Eekeren of Fulcrum Investing

Investor Connect – Kevin Van Eekeren of Fulcrum Investing

October 9, 2019 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Kevin Van Eekeren, Founder and CEO of Fulcrum Investing. Fulcrum Investing is a private investment group focused on making seed to Series B investments in startups across the United States. Kevin is not only an investor but also an entrepreneur and a farmer.

Before Fulcrum, Kevin worked as a civilian logistics officer in a SWAT team right out of college. Through his experience there, he started a charity-turned-for profit company Fulcrum Tactical. Kevin also started Fulcrum Farms, a Chicago-area sustainable farm. Hall and Kevin speak about his unique viewpoint on early-stage investing. Kevin relates his agnostic philosophy of investing, with a focus on companies with great teams and solid business platforms, rather than ones that fit with his interests and biases.

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