Investor Connect –  Karthee Madasamy of MFV Partners

Investor Connect – Karthee Madasamy of MFV Partners

January 14, 2020 by investor

In this episode, Hall welcomes Karthee Madasamy of MFV Partners. MFV Partners’ approach is to back visionary entrepreneurs developing deep technologies and solutions that disrupt traditional verticals and ecosystems across automotive, manufacturing, retail, agriculture and knowledge services. Karthee has been a VC investor for 15 years, following a career as an entrepreneur with an electrical engineering background.

Karthee talks about how technology is disrupting some of the established traditional industries like automotive and agriculture and provides great advice for investors interested in the deep tech space. He discusses the pitfalls of commercialization, and how important it is to think through before you dive in. Karthee emphasizes that startups and investors need to understand how solving a problem in science or engineering will ultimately lead to a product and customer.

In addition, Karthee talks about the evolution of investing in the deep tech space, and how it is often focused on the later stages. He also talks about some of the companies that MFV has worked with, as well as some of the challenges particular to the deep tech space. Finally, Hall and Karthee discuss the state of capital availability in a general sense, and what that might mean for future innovation.

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